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What is L-Theanine?

L-Theanine for sports means extra energy, more power to push through a workout and quicker recovery time. Theanine comes from tea leaves, meaning it is all natural. Extracted from the tea leaf, this special supplement helps relieve stress by creating a relaxing effect. However, when combined with caffeine the positive effects are incredible. Many studies have shown the health benefits of L-Theanine, calling it an all-natural relaxant most suitable for stress relief.

Caffeine is a very commonly known stimulant, found in capsules and cups of coffee. But caffeine is known to only provide energy for a couple of hours. You need to constantly drink coffee throughout the day to provide lasting energy on a tough day. Coffee can be harsh on the stomach, whereas intaking caffeine from a capsule is more natural.

Why combine a relaxant with a stimulant? The relaxing effect of l-theanine keeps your energy running steady all day long, as opposed to taking just caffeine pills or chugging cups of coffee which gives your body caffeine rushes and crashes when the caffeine runs out. Studies have shown that the combination of caffeine with l-theanine improves cognition, boosts mood and gives substantial synergetic energy. Caffeine plus l-theanine is a match made in heaven.


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Combine caffeine, a natural stimulant, with the all natural relaxer L-Theanine to experience all-day lasting energy without the jitters and crash.

With 100mg of caffeine and 220mg of L-Theanine in one capsule, this softgel dietary supplement gives lasting energy all day without all the jitters and crash from high caffeine intake. The L-Theanine supplement provides the ideal mixture of caffeine with all natural ingredients for an all-day energy boost to keep you going strong. No matter what your day ahead of you looks like, take it on headstrong with one or two quick capsules and get instant energy and uncompromising quality. The softgel capsule has all natural ingredients and is vegetarian-friendly. It is made with no artificial colors, no artificial flavors, no preservative and is suitable for vegetarians. It also has no yeast, no starch and no gluten so gluten-free dieters can enjoy the benefits as well.

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L-Theanine with Caffeine is Focus Plus – Nootropic Brain Function Enhancement with No Crash, Long Lasting, Energy Pill Supplement for the Original Athlete. Coffee Bean extracts – All Vegetarian.