Win your match against soreness via this Food


Win your match against soreness via this Food Triangle from Diet La Reliefa.

I’m now experiencing myself to this pain. But instead of whining and sitting there there’s a delightful and easy way to fight off the poor grasps, stiff neck and tin-guy like flexibility. See I said delightful? That should be a clear indication that I’m not talking about only getting a fist filled with NSAID or ibuprofen. But instead covering healing elixirs and the natural pain killers Mother Nature has created in this list of foods for us. Fighting Post-Competition Soreness with Food is a fantastic means to return and ride your way to repair, healing and pain alleviation. Let’s S-roll by means of this post, my grasps are shot but my brain isn’t.


There is nothing worse than fighting for that perfect grip and being too fatigued to hold onto it.

Understanding Soreness

Have you been feeling tired, poor, having diminished grasps, aches and pains, headaches, a fall in operation, insufficient focus and you’re believing that you just should only keep training and it is going to go away? Well guess what, you happen to be fatigued and are now over training. Whether you happen to be coming off a tough week of training or a contest the results can be exactly the same. You may not have to drop your program back general, taking a rest day would be wise but finally you can balance out with fixing your diet properly.

DOMS: Micro tears in muscle tissue that subsequently inflame while in the curing process, the most common soreness. Now you see why anti inflammatory qualities are commended.

Avoid having your legs feel like this the day after a competition, you should be out celebrating instead of wobbling around the house.

CNS Fatigue: Because it’s what restrains muscle contractions it relates to our muscles. When we’re experiencing CNS exhaustion is the muscle itself stressed but now the source of the muscle contraction.

Example: See when your forearms are taxed your skill to hold goes away?

CNS exhaustion can be serious because this is where we begin to see major swings in operation including weight gain/loss, prolonged soreness, irritability/tiredness, change in sleep routine, lack of motivation and in extraordinary instances heightened understanding of attempt, AKA we believe we’re training and working a lot more difficult than we really are.

If you think a concrete floor is a nice comfy bed chances are you are mentally exhausted or flat out crazy.

The Remedies

Certainly CNS and DOMS exhaustion are game killers. But it’s time to bring those killers to justice with our toolbox of ingredients that help fix, reduce and prevent the symptoms.

Time is everything

In jiu jitsu we’re always focusing on timing them right and setting up our entries, the same applies to preventing/reducing soreness. You understand if you are going to train, do conditioning and strength or even compete. Specific actions for example considered are S&C extreme where as Jiu Jitsu training would be more endurance With that knowledge we time our soreness entries via appropriate nutritional timing and can work a game plan. Each of these items have their own time and location that optimize their advantages that are unique. Every roll differs, use what works for the particular situations you’re discovering in yourself.

Protein & Carbs

But are you currently doing it right? Protein and carbs are crucial to help create insulin which drives muscle growth and to replenish lost energy stores from training.


(not the kind found in speedos down in Rio.)

(not the kind found in speedos down in Rio.)


The power house you’ve read around on multiple occasions here on Grappler Gourmet and in my posts for Jiu Jitsu Magazine.Antioxidant abundant foods help reduce inflammation. Inflammation happens when you work your muscles hard in lifting or training build more powerful muscles and to cause micro tears that finally treat back. method is to ensure you are receiving your daily dosage of antioxidants from the many delectable dark fruits and berries out there. You can get your fill by making a milkshake with sour cherry juice, combining them into your smoothies or eating them entire. Cherry juice and chocolate protein powder is astonishingly great.

About to smash your body with a 10 ton hammer of antioxidants and health benefits! It doesn't get more metal than that

Top Performers: Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, sour cherries and plums.

Attempt to restrict milk and milk based product ingestion to one hour before or after getting the antioxidant fill in. The proteins often retard the effects of the antioxidants in the body.

Another term that goes hand in hand with my least favourite name of super foods that are Omega-3 fatty acids are a natural anti-inflammatory that additionally helps augment the flow of blood to your own muscles while they may be working hard during your training. Which finally reducing soreness. We let our muscles to reconstruct and fix quicker by reducing inflammation, and we discover ourselves moaning and bitching less during the warm up.

Top Performers:

High- Starches and glycemic Fruits

Not only do they refuel our bodies although most include antioxidants natural store of glycogen, aka energy. By doing this our bodies have the energy stores to pull from rather compared to the dread catabolic state happens and our body and our muscles pull energy apart resulting in…you imagined it. Insulin amounts can also be brought back into equilibrium and used to fight inflammation off.

Take a break from bicep slicers and work on watermelon slicers.


Water. I should not need to grow on the significance of hydration with regard to any type of restoration, athletic performance or general well being. Water is the building block where our bodies is needed for our bodies and are made of. However, the secret to fixing and preserving our muscles finally falls to water as your number 1. Quite astonishing and eye opening to the significance of hydration.

This picture is not how you drink water, make it rain only after you are properly hydrated or after winning open weight.